Self Concept Essay Assignment

According to Rudolph Verderber, author of Communicate!, self concept is “the idea or mental image that we have about our skills, our abilities, our knowledge, our competencies, and our personality” (31).  We form this self concept through experiences and interactions with others, including through feedback we receive from others.  Our perceptions of ourselves are formed through what we see, how we feel and react, and through teachings and responses from others, including family, friends, teachers, and sometimes even strangers, including popular culture and the media.  These theories are mentioned in your textbook in the self-concept and perception sections.

For this assignment you will determine your self concept—the mental image you have about yourself.  Make a list of the skills, abilities, interests, and roles that composite your self-concept.  You will then determine a thesis:  a statement including the three adjectives (self-motivated, energetic, thoughtful, practical, eclectic, eccentric, industrious, independent, etc.) that most accurately describe who you are most of the time.  Be sure these adjectives accurately sum up the vast list you have made. You will write a five-paragraph (about 2 typed pages—double-spaced, 12-pt. font, in Word) essay that describes who you are:  your self concept. You should include several examples of skills, abilities, hobbies, interests, and roles in the body of the paragraph to explain how each adjective accurately describes you.  Be sure to also comment on what influences these aspects of your self concept. Did you pick this up from your parents, a role model, a celebrity?  Did something happen to influence your personality or behaviors?  Include references to specific theories of self-concept development.  Don’t forget to write an interesting introduction that gains your reader’s attention, tells who you are, and includes your thesis statement.  Also write an effective conclusion that sums up all of your main points and states basically who (what kind of person) you are.  Feel free to be creative and honest. 

Self Concept Essay Grading Criteria

Neatness, grammar, and avoidance of errors (10 points)

Introduction (15 points)


            Introduces you

            Thesis statement with three adjectives (characteristics/traits)


            Organization (3 paragraphs formulated according to assignment description) (15 points)

            Content (20 points per paragraph)

                        Topic sentence for each paragraph that includes adjective

                        Sufficient examples of that characteristic

                        Specific references to experiences

                        Influences of this trait on self concept formation

Conclusion (10points)

            Summarizes main points

            Statement of who/the type of person you are

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