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“Get a life, Mrs. Woods, get a life," some of my students might say. Since these students may think that my days are spent digging through the Harbrace Handbook for extremely tricky and picky grammar rules, what follows is a description of my life. 


I have been an English teacher for around twenty-nine years, but this is my nineteenth year as a full-time English instructor at Jefferson State Community College.   As a person who loves to write, I enjoy Internet classes because all material is delivered in written format. I also have created textbooks for my English 093, English 101, and English 102 classes.


Playing with computers and computer programs is a hobby; I not only teach at Jefferson State, but I have also completed about thirty quarter hours of computer classes there. This interest in computer technology was sparked partially in response to a husband whose second language (and third, and fourth, and so on) is computer-related. I have written documentation for software he has created and have progressed to creating some of my own English tutorials, using Basic programming language and Visual Basic. 


My husband and I have no children of our own, but we have an apricot poodle (Rambo, “Bo” for short), a chocolate poodle (Chewbaca, “Baci,” for short), and a small parrot named Pixel. I have two other loves: reading and drinking coffee. Relaxation for me is sitting down with a good mystery and a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, I drink enough coffee to float me with my laptop out my office door. 


I enjoy teaching so much that I do it on Sunday, too; I teach our adult class. In a real-time classroom, I am perceived by some as enthusiastic, by others as hyper (the coffee, maybe?).  I often talk too fast, a flaw I have been trying to correct, since it exhausts my students who are trying to keep up in taking notes. My closing comment is related to another advantage of this online class: you can control how fast I talk by how fast you read! 


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