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 Welcome To My Web Site!

I'm Doug Whitson and I'm an adjunct, or part-time temporary (or is it temporary part-time?), instructor for the CIS Department.  I have been teaching at Jeff State since the fall term of 2003; so, you've probably seen me hanging around the computer lab or helping(?) in one of Jannis Farmer's programming classes.  I also work as a consultant in IT, Air Traffic Control, Office Management, Project Management, and IT Management.

My resume includes 34+ years as an Air Traffic Controller for the Federal Aviation Administration.  Before that, I was a Russian Linguist in the USAF.  I have a BS degree in Business Management and that is why I'm just an adjunct instructor --- No Masters Degree in IS or IT.  However, I have been a computer programmer since 1972, or so.  I programmed the mainframes and mini-computers used in Air Traffic Control in addition to working as a controller.  I also have received over 1800 classroom hours of instruction in all aspects of IS/IT/IM; including: systems analysis, project management, and programming.  I've been trained in assembly language, C, C++, VB, VBA, COBOL (actually I taught myself this one before I took the class), Java, Pascal, and a couple of dead (no longer used) programming languages. 

Over the years, I've accumulated quite a bit of experience in programming, software systems development, QA testing, configuration management, documentation management, systems analysis, help-desk operation, specification development, large-system deployment and implementation, project management, IS Management, PC maintenance, etc. --- pretty much every thing to do with computers.  I even have a small amount of networking experience in Novel and UNIX administration, although I certainly wouldn't call myself a network engineer --- or even a full-fledged administrator.

Enough about me, though.  If you take one of my classes, you'll soon learn that I love to bore people with my anecdotes and experiences.  What can I say, I love sharing.  But, I also love listening to your story and learning about you.  Even if you're not in my class, if you see me in the lab, feel free to ask me a question or for help with your work.  You can even just shake my hand and tell me your name if you don't need my help.  Then, in the future, when you or I do need help, we will both have a friend to lean on.

For now, welcome  to my Jeff State web site.   This site is for your use and information.  If you believe it lacks something or you discover errors on my site, send me an e-mail with your suggestion/correction.

If you're in my class, this site should contain all the information, documents and files you need for class.  I have also posted links to some of the most interesting and useful sites on the Web.  Many of the links are being provided courtesy of Mr. Hal Harris, Chair of the CIS Department and Instructor at the Shelby Campus (actually, I "borrowed" them from his web site while I was auditing two of his classes).  I hope you find this site both helpful and enjoyable.

Send me an e-mail with your comments --- or just to say "Hi."



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