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Internet Courses


Internet Courses  

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  • What are they?

    • Classes that meet online.

  • Where?

    • Anywhere an Internet connection is available.  Instructors may require students to come on campus for an orientation or for exams at a time the instructor designates. 

  • When?

    • The class itself is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Is an Internet class a good choice for you?

    • Are you self-motivated?

    • Do you possess a high level of self-discipline?

    • Do you enjoy working independently with minimal supervision and social contact?

    • Are you comfortable using Microsoft WORD? Do you know how to create, save, and attach files?

    • Do you know how to open attached files?

    • Can you follow written directions?

    • Do you have easy access to a computer with an Internet connection, a browser, Microsoft  Word and the application software required for the class?

    If you answered “yes” to the questions above, then you might want to consider an Internet class.

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