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This is a Beginning Keyboarding course which is offered via the Internet and will contain the same competencies as the regular “on campus” OAD 101 course.

The course is designed for those who feel they can master “learning to type” on their own, with the help of tutorial keyboarding software, a textbook and a word processing manual.

Students must have access to a computer with Microsoft Word (2010 or 2007) in order to complete the word processing activities (presented after Lesson 21 in textbook).

All information, assignments, evaluation, communication with instructor, etc. will be handled within Blackboard (see instructions below for logging in). There is one required “on campus” meeting (at the end of the term) for testing.


  1. Textbook: “College Keyboarding & Document Processing, 11th edition (with Word 2010 update)” by Ober, Poland, Hanson (ISBN 0077319366),
  2. GDP11 Software Card - for access to keyboarding website (ISBN 0077319441),
  3. MS Office Word 2010 manual (ISBN 0077319373).

Newly Enrolled Students:

At the beginning of a new term, login to Blackboard (click here) to get started with this course. Go to the Mail feature first and reply to your “welcome email”.

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