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This Electronic Publishing course is a study of Microsoft Publisher 2010, and though it is delivered via the Internet, it contains the same objectives as the traditional “on campus” OAD 230 course.

The objectives are:

  •  to teach the fundamentals of Publisher 2010
  •  to expose students to the proper procedures to create publications suitable for course work, professional purposes, and personal use
  •  to develop an exercise-oriented approach that allows learning by doing; to introduce students to new technologies
  •  to encourage independent study.

There are two required “on campus” meetings for this course (one at mid-term and the other at the end of the term) for testing purposes.

Textbook: Microsoft Publisher 2010 – Complete Concepts and Techniques by Shelly, Cashman, Starks (ISBN: 9780538746434)

Newly Enrolled Students: At the beginning of a new term, login to Blackboard (click here) to get started with this course. Go to the Mail feature first and reply to your “welcome email”.

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