About Judy Cantey


After completing my first four years of college at the University of Montevallo where I received my Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, with emphasis on Secondary Teaching in 1967, I  waited for about five years to get back into the classroom as a student. I decided to work on my degree at the University of Alabama in Huntsville where it took me 5 years to complete my Master of Arts in Mathematics in 1982.  I took an additional 6 hours of coursework and the option to take an oral examination to complete my Masters Degree. Soon afterwards I was hired by UAH to teach courses as an adjunct faculty member and within a few years I was hired full time as a mathematics instructor. I completed 6 additional graduate mathematics courses there before moving to Birmingham. In 1990 when I was hired by Jefferson State to teach I completed 12 hours of graduate education courses at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 


My teaching experience includes sixteen years teaching in the Huntsville City School system at Lee High School (5 years), Johnson High School (9 years) and Huntsville High School (2 years), one year at Randolph School (a private school) and six years at UAH. I have taught at Jeff State since 1990.


Besides my love of mathematics teaching, my interests include arts and crafts, sports, music, travel and my family. I am not an expert at anything, but I have a little knowledge of a lot of different things. I am in between craft projects. I am very active professionally. I participate in the Central Alabama Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Alabama Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the National  Council of Teachers of Mathematics. I try  to attend the annual conference of each of those organizations. Most of my travel is done attending the national and regional conferences of the NCTM. I played competitive softball in my twenties as a pitcher and traveled all over the southeast. I am a die-hard Alabama Football fan. I played the piano as a teen and sang in the high school choir. I still sing along with the radio and in church.  


My family is very important to me.  My mother, brother, niece and nephews all live within ten minutes of my house.  Family dinners are common, and I get to see my grand nieces and nephews often.  I am the only daughter and I have one brother. My favorite uncle lives near Tampa and I like to visit often.