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General Writing Links

Proper MLA format (and other information about academic writing)

Essay Evaluation Sheet Form (.pdf file) -- also good for self editing

Smarthinking -- submit your essays for help from a writing tutor.

Incorporating Quotations and Secondary Sources (website)

Overview of Essay Structure (from .ppt file)

Using quotations (handout)

English 101 Links

Formula Outline Form (.pdf file)

Sample Analysis Essay with Commentary

Sample Essay Outlined

Organization Chart

English 102 Links

English 261 Links

The Luminarium - an excellent site for the study of many of the works on our syllabus.

Harvard Chaucer Page - a very detailed site regarding Geoffrey Chaucer, medieval life, and The Canterbury Tales.

Norton Topics Online - site that accompanies the textbook. Click on the appropriate time period for supplemental information.

Background on Trojan War

Cult of Chivalry

Courtly Love

Rules of Courtly Love

Medieval Bestiary

Tudor History -- an excellent site by Lara E. Eakins



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