Summer 2015


His 101 Course
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 POl 211 Courses


His 101            Top

This course surveys history from the Cradle of Civilization through the Reformation. 



HIS 102            Top

Internet            Syllabus

This web supported course/internet is a continuation of History 101.  It surveys Western Civilization from the Age of Absolutism to the present.


HIS 201            Top


Internet               Syllabus   



This web supported/internet course surveys United States history during colonial, revolutionary, early national and antebellum periods.  It concludes with a discussion of the Civil War.


HIS 202             Top  

Internet           Syllabus





This web supported/internet course is a continuation of History 201.  It surveys United States history from the Reconstruction era to the present.


POL 211

This web supported/internet Political Science courses explores the nature of American government; how it was founded, how it works, and how it has changed from the creation of the Constitution in 1789. 

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