Biographical Information



      Pamela West has an Associates Degree from Jefferson State Community College.  She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Birmingham Southern College, and a Masters of Arts Degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham.

    She taught middle school, high school, and has been a full time history (since 2000) and now political science instructor at Jefferson State.

    She has two beautiful children: Samuel Lawrence, 16 and Sophia Irene, 11.


                                                                                             Samuel West



                                                                       Sophia West


                    Daddy & Sam on Sophie's B-day                                       Sam gets his yellow belt


                      Sam Loves Baby Sister                                                      



                                       Sophie in a Hat                                      Sam and Sophie, Christmas 2003



        Sam and Sophie, Christmas 2004                                            Princess Sophie

           Sophie and Sam, Christmas 2007