Welcome Internet Students



          For some of you this is just another semester and for others this is your first semester.  Some of you have taken web-supported and/or internet classes before, so this is old hat.  For those of you who have not and feel daunted by the task, fear not!


            What Iíd like everyone to do is click on all the icons and make sure they are working (make sure all pop up blockers are turned off for this course), then Iíd like you to click on the Class Calendar and Syllabus Icon.  This lists the assignments and due dates for this term.  It also answers some class policy questions you might have.  Please read this Class Calendar thoroughly.  I will not always post dates on the course calendar, but every due date you need is on the Course Calendar/Syllabus.  It is your responsibility to know these dates and not mine to remind you.


            After youíve read over the calendar, I want you to click on the Dora's Yellow Folder/Unit Outlines and notes Icon.  This has nearly all the material youíll need for this course.  Iíve compiled sources from several books and streamlined the texts into what I think are the most important ideas for this course.  Once youíve found your way around there, look at the other icons.

            For those of you on financial aid, I have posted a financial aid link for you print out as an electronic signature.


            If you canít figure anything out, e-mail me or call.


            I look forward to working with you and wish Peace and Blessings this term.


Pam West

BDH 209A