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NUR 106 D Maternal and Infant Nursing - Shelby

This page is currently being updated for Spring 2011.  Check back for documents with Spring 2011 dates.

Here is a list of the Reading Assignments for McKinney, 3rd edition.

Hey everyone, the Blackboard site is not yet available for fall.   I've created this site so that you might have access to the needed materials ahead of the first class. 

This is a web-supported course.  Lectures will be on-campus in the assigned classroom.  Unit exams and Final exam will be administered on campus.  A few films may be viewed online within Blackboard.  Links for those films will be located on the within Blackboard.  Many activities will also occur via Email or the Discussion Board throughout the term.  Check the site daily for updates and information - very important, especially at the beginning of the semester.  Instructor can always be contacted by email. 

You will need to download and print the Course Packet before the first day of class.   Course Overview Spring 2011  You may print this packet yourself or save it to a disk and take it to a local print shop for printing.  Once you are able to log onto Blackboard, there will be lecture note guides to print and bring to class.  Students are requested not to print course materials in the library or computer labs.   If you cannot log onto Blackboard at this time, you can obtain the Orientation document which follows.  It will be important to read this before the first lecture class Monday, January 10, 2011, 9:00 a.m.  - 11:00 noon.  There are assignments within this document which will prepare you for the first class.  Orientation to NUR 106 D Spring 2011.

Since you will not be able to log onto the NUR 106 D Blackboard site until a day or two ahead of summer classes, you may wish to view the Tegrity session on A&P of the Reproductive System from this site now.  A&P Reproductive System  Remember to hold down the Ctrl key until it loads if you have pop-up blockers on your computer.

You may also print the course Calendar.  Shelby Spring 2011 Calendar

For those of you that want to get a head-start on some of the other assignments that are due shortly after classes begin, here are the links to the vocabulary list and the Family Portrait paper.  Take some time to enjoy your break, though.  :)

Click on Blackboard Access for directions to access the course.

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