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 We, the Clinical Laboratory Technology Students at Jefferson State Community College, do hereby form this volunteer student organization to promote clinical competencies, teamwork, enthusiasm, and leadership skills within our chose profession. We will actively seek, create, and/or participate in projects which demonstrate our commitment to the promotion of health, independence, and overall well-being of the people in the community. We are committed to sound financial stewardship, impartiality of service, and service excellence, which brings credit to our program, faculty, and college.

Article I. General Organization

Section 1         

The name of the organization shall be the Association of Clinical Laboratory Technology Students (ACLTS).

Section 2         

Membership is open to all students enrolled at Jefferson State Community College interested in the Clinical Laboratory Technology Profession.

Section 3         

Officers of this organization will consist of a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and two Class Representatives.

Article II. Purpose

Section 1         

The purpose of ACLTS is for the fellowship between students and faculty who have a desire to promote the Clinical Laboratory Technology profession at Jefferson State Community College and in the community.

Article III. Membership and Fees

Section 1         

To be a voting member your name must be on the registered roll of ACLTS.

Section 2         

The dues for membership will be determined by a majority vote of the membership.

Section 3       

Dues are non-refundable.

Article IV. Officers- Qualifications and Duties

Section 1         

The officers shall serve for one year.

Section 2        

Officers must be registered members.

Section 3    

The general duties of the officers and chairpersons of standing and special committees will be to turn in written reports to the secretary reporting all activities that took place during their period of service. Reports are to be turned into the secretary no later than the end of the quarter in which the activity/activities occurred.

Section 4         

The duties of the President are as follows:

§         To preside over all the meetings of the ACLTS.

§         To enforce order.

§         To appoint standing committees and special committees.

Section 5         

The duties of the Vice President are as follows:

§         To assume the office of the President if the President is unable to complete his/her term.

§         To preside over meetings when the president is absent or when requested to do so by the president.

§         To act as coordinator for all standing and special committees and inform club members of these activities.

Section 6               

The duties of the Secretary are as follows:

§         To keep and maintain accurate written minutes.

§         To present minutes of previous meetings at the next scheduled meeting.

§         Maintain all official records of the ACLTS.

§         To obtain and retain the written reports from committee chairpersons by the end of the quarter.

§         To be responsible for calling the official role at all ACLTS meetings.

§         To assist the President or Vice President in handling official correspondence, communications, and public relations activities.

Section 7               

The duties of the Treasurer are as follows:

§         To keep written accurate records of all financial transaction of the ACLTS.

§         Submit a monthly financial report at the first meeting of the month for ACLTS.

§         Report all requisitions for funds prior to purchase to faculty advisor and/or president for approval.

§         Disburse cash funds with approval of faculty advisor and voting members of ACLTS.

§         To assure that a minimum of $20.00 remains in the ACLTS account for the incoming treasurer.

Section 8               

The duties of the Class Representatives are as follows:

§         To represent the ACLTS at national, state, district, school, and other designated functions relative to class representation.

§         To submit a written report of information obtained as a representative to the ACLTS’s president and faculty advisor within four days of the meeting or before the next scheduled meeting of the ACLTS, whichever occurs first.

Section 9               


§         Office of the President will be filled by the Vice President.

§         Vacancies occurring in the positions of Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer will be filled by a majority vote of the voting members.

Article V. Meetings

Section 1                     

Regular meetings will be determined at the beginning of the semester, depending on class scheduling.

Section 2                     

Special meetings of the ACLTS can be called at anytime by the President and, in the absence of the President, may be called by any voting member with the approval of the faculty advisor.

Section 3                     

Official notice of all meetings will be posted on the faculty advisors bulletin board within 10 class days after dates are determined for that quarter.

Section 4                     

Advance notice will be given of special meetings. An announcement will be made at the first of the class time available. Written notices will be posted on faculty advisor’s bulletin board. 

Article VI. Standing and Special Committees

Section 1                    

Special events committee is responsible for organizing events pertaining to guest speakers, films, special professions, and family events.

Section 2                     

Fund raising committee is responsible for organizing fund raising activities for participation by all class members.

Section 3                     


Section 4                     

Special committees are organized for the purpose of handling specific tasks as appointed by the President and disbanded at task completion.

Article VII. Elections

Section 1                     

Elections for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer will be held during the first ACLTS meeting of the calendar year.

Section 2                   

Notice of the election date must be posted on the faculty advisors bulletin board.

Section 3                     

Nominations will be made by the voting members.

Section 4                     

To be elected to office, a majority vote of attending members is required at a regularly scheduled meeting.

Article VIII. Order of Business

Section 1                     

Order of business for ACLTS meetings are as follows:

§         Call to order

§         Attendance sheet

§         Review of the minutes

§         Approval of the minutes

§         Treasurer’s report first meeting of the month

§         Committee reports

§         Agenda for the meeting

§         Debate of old and new business

§         Announcements

§         Adjournments

Section 2                     

The ACLTS shall be governed by the Student Government Association (SGA).

Section 3                     

Any business to be discussed at a ACLTS meeting needs to be submitted to the presiding officer prior to the scheduled meeting.

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