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ACLTS Membership

  • Membership is open to all students enrolled at Jefferson State Community College interested in the Clinical Laboratory Technology Profession.

  • The dues for membership will be determined by a majority vote of the membership at the beginning of each club year in the fall semester.

  • Dues are non-refundable.


Dec 2014 Graduating Class Ophelia Jordan Christine Taylor
  Jessica Adams Drew Freeman
Tiffany Anderson Agnita Mboya
May 2014 Graduating Class
Shikim Arnold Winnie Ngaruiya
Robin Cardwell Lillian Ngugi
Pleasant Cook-Davis Kevin Ray
Omar Espinosa Tawana Taylor
Hao (Sabrina) Feng Randy Yarbrough
Dec 2013 Graduating Class    
Stacey Bolden John Gladden
Rebecca Cummings Mary Kennedy
Ashley Daniels Brigitte Stein
May 2013 Graduating Class    
Tymber Gilmore Katie Millican
Nicole Goodwin  
Dec 2012
Graduating Class
Sandromeda Brundage Amber Lewis
Brittany Harten Christina Thompson
Shanice King  
May 2012 Graduating Class
Angelica Bentley Doricas Kerr
Dennis Holder Jenny Osgood
Dec 2011 Graduating Class
Spencer Brown Christy Hughes
Caitlin Donahoe Markita McKenzie
Phil Fritts
Dec 2010 Graduating Class
Gina Alexander Kim Jolley
Ashley Arnold Phylis Mayben
Graham Ash Kevin Mitchell
Holly Bellew Alyssa Phillips
Brittney Blackwood Mike Sisk
Felicia Curry Patricia Swam
Theresa Farmer Ashley Vandergrift
Joleithia Griffin Lakecia Watkins
Tonya Hays

Dec 2009 Graduating Class
Cristina Antonio Jason Minnifield
Ashlyn Cusimano Shontika Parker
Ashlee Hartley Monifa White
Tiffany Jemison Kelly Wilson
Nichole Jones

May 2009 Graduating Class
Brooke Carnes Abby Stanley
Jennifer Cornelius
Dec 2008 Graduating Class    
Tanya Beams Lauren Lentz
Genise Fowler Tiffany Pritchett
Alhabi Guma Mary Scott
Ramesh Gunga Salita Swanson
Jennifer Hughes
May 2008 Graduating Class
Natalie Gentry Wendy Riggins
Tara Goff Crockett Taylor

Dec 2007 Graduating Class

Daniel Able Carly Hill
Josh Borklund
Sterling Kauhn
Kristen Hayes Melissa Mullins

May 2007 Graduating Class 

Maggie East Retina Hill

Pamela Espy

Mandy Dimperio



Dec 2006 Graduating Class

Melissa Baker

Kassandra Robbins

Chiharu Downs Lindsey Varden
Sara Dye Terry Webb
Angela Ragan Kimberly Wilson



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